Canada Rally Photos 1

Vancouver- Ship with Whale on Bow

Arrow- C-GJKU

Steve and Paul waiting at St Andrews

Steve's Cessna

St Andrews

The weather keeps rolling in

St Andrews - lineup

St Andrews- starting to clear

Canola Fields near Winnipeg

Lake Manitoba

Clouds over Manitoba

CJW5 - Russell , Manitoba

Turning final at Russell

Russell - Official Reception

Helen, Mike, Jim and Mayor's wife

Camil's speech- Russell Reception

Russell Motel

Helen checking out mirror on ceiling


Helen & Mike waiting for the rest of the Aussies to arrive

Russell lineup

Big Quill and Little Quill Lakes

Feed Lot and Abbatoirs

Railyard and Processing Plant

CYXE- Saskatoon, SK

Railyard- Saskatoon,SK


Unity- Helen, Beth and local refueller

Rail crossing Unity

Only place in Canada that the 2 railway company lines cross

Wetaskawin- Mike's 1st Interview

Wetaskawin- Mike's Interview




Oil Sand

CYQU- Grande Praire, Alberta

CYXJ- Fort St John, British Columbia

On final at Fort St John

Peace River near Hudson Hope

Peace River Lookout- Hudson Hope

The Group at Lookout- Hudson Hope

Pioneer Village- Hudson Hope

Local Wildlife- Fort St John

Helen panning for gold at Taylor (Fort St John)

Helen receiving her G-String

Oh! my God... What do I do with this?

Jim inspecting Helen's bag

Chris and Beth departing Fort St John in Lake Amphibian

The Trench

CBW3 - Fort Graham, BC

One of the many lakes in The Trench

The Trench

The red trees show damage from the Fire Beetle

The Trench- Mountain tops with remnants of snow

The Trench

Imagine these covered with snow

The Trench

Kechika River

The Trench - Aeroplane Lake

The are cabins on the lake edge

CYQH- Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Watson Lake- Jenny & Mike with local Mountie

Helen modelling her G-string

Watson Lake

All lined up and nowhere to go!!

Loran showing the Arrow doing 545kts

Caribou Ranges- NE of Watson Lake

Fort Liard

Liard River

Liard Highway

Liard River

Fort Simpson - refuelling

That was the most expensive fuel on the entire trip

Barge on the Mackenzie River -east of Fort Simpson

Mills Lake, Mackenzie River

Louise Falls near Hay River

Turning final at Hay River, NorthWest Territories

Coloured Water pools just east of Hay River

Camsell Portage on Lake Athabasca

CYSF- Stony Rapids

Canadian Mounted Police Plane at Stony Rapids

CEG8- North Seal River, Manitoba

This place is so remote the only way in is by plane.

CYBQ- Tadoule Lake, Manitoba

Iceflow in Hudson Bay just north of Churchill

CYYQ- Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill Airport Lounge

Beautiful wood carvings

Sunset at Churchill

Inukshuk by the bay

Who is that masked woman?

Inside the Lazy Bear Lodge- Churchill

Lazy Bear Lodge- Churchill

Churchill sign post

Churchill- Jenny & Mike with Spirit Painted Wolf

CYPL- Pickle Lake, Ontario

Pickle Lake

Finally joined by Guy

Pickle Lake welcoming BBQ

CYYU- Kapuskasing,Ontario

Kapuskasing- Offical Dinner

Kapuskasing- Mike receiving the flag


Arthur-Rally mascot joining us for dinner

Kapuskasing Railway Museum

Kapuskasing Museum

Helen's Sewing Machine

Kapuskasing Museum

Iroquois Falls- Power Station

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec


CYUY- turning final at Rouyn-Noranda

The Mooniacs


Michaelle line dancing in the park


Catherine & Beth at Offical Reception


Guy & Sylvie at Offical Reception

Bombardier Jet departing Mirabel underneath us

CYUL - approaching Montreal International Airport

CYUL- short final at Montreal,Quebec

Guy arriving at Montreal

Montreal- parking among some nice jets



The ? old women

Montreal- Helen and her Silver Indian

Montreal lineup

Departing Montreal

The mighty St Lawrence River

Montreal- overtaking Paul & Co

St Lawrence River

One of the many container ships

Old Quebec City

Promenade at Old Quebec City

CYRC- Chicoutimi- (St Honore)

St Honore

Paper Plane Expert

St Honore- Official Dinner

Tony,Jim,Diane anad Elaine receiving the flag

Sept Iles,Quebec

Sept Iles- processing plant

Havre St Pierre

CYGV-Havre St Pierre

CYGV- final at Havre St Pierre

Havre St Pierre welcoming crowd

Havre St Pierre

Steve & Gillian appearing through the fog

CYGV -Havre St Pierre

Steve & Gillian finally get down

CYGV -Havre St Pierre

Don and Dorie last plane in

Havre St Pierre- Official Reception

All that lovely seafood.. Shame the others didn't make it...

Havre St Pierre

Don receiving award for last plane in

Havre St Pierre

Steve & Gillian receiving award for best landing and also the flag for the day

Havre St Pierre

Scallop boat on the harbour

Havre St Pierre

Mark our intrepid photographer and competition organiser and judge

Havre St Pierre

Mingan Archipelago-Grosse ileau Marteau

Havre St Pierre

Mingan Archipelago-Grosse ileau Marteau

CYBX- Lourdes-DeBlanc-Sablon

Refuelling stop before crossing the St Lawrence River

Newfoundland coastline

Castors River, Newfoundland

Gros Morne (806m)

National Park, Newfoundland

CYDF- Deer Lake, Newfoundland

On final at Deer Lake

Put on Life preservers for the next water crossing

Corner Brook,Newfoundland

Paper Mill and Cruise Ship Terminal

Serpentine River,NL

Millville - Searston, NL

final piece of land before crossing to Nova Scotia

Ships loading at Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

Red Barn,NS

CYID- final at Digby,NS

Digby Offical Greeting

Very friendly people

Digby- Mike chatting with the locals


Steve & Gillian with local Mountie

Rally Members at Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John and Bay of Fundy

Farmland along Saint John River

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

St Lawrence foreshore south of Mon Joli

Mon Joli- locals looking over the planes

Mon Joli

Sheep statues in front of motel

Guy in Quebec-CYQB

His home town

CYMX-On final at Mirabel

Bombardier factory at Mirabel


Thank God we finally got here!!!


Security check at Bombardier before tour and presentations

Guy and the Good Witch


Thank you presentation to Camil & Catherine

"We Did It" T-shirt

Bombardier- Mirabel

Trophy presentation to winners of The Governor General's Cup

Lock on St Lawrence River

south of Montreal

1000 Islands - St Lawrence River

1000 Islands - St Lawrence River

1000 Islands - St Lawrence River

Fort Niagara

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Maid in the Mist

Niagara Falls

Bridge to Canada

Niagara Locks

Hamilton -turning final

Sault Ste Marie

approaching from the US side

CSSM- turning final at SaulteSte Marie

tail of F-18

CSSM- the Arrow & F-18

Sault Ste Marie

CYXZ- Wawa


Train near Terence Bay

(The Sleeping Giant) - Thunder Bay

CYQT- on final at Thunder Bay

Cloud over Ontario

St Andrews

St Andrews

St Andrews

Old Bomber

St Andrews

limo to town

the girls relaxing