Up coming Safaris - Arctic Circle 2012

Hi Everyone,

Well that time of the year has come again. Mike has decided on our destinations and the basic outline of the safari is set.  (50 flight plans later)

Now the fun begins, I get to drive Mike crazy with waypoint changes. While arranging the accommodation I find all the interesting things to do at our stops. Also, what there is to fly over between stops (  there is some beautiful scenery to be seen).  Be sure that if it is interesting I'll find it and if possible we will fly over it.

Final details for the hire of aircraft are underway and at this stage we will be leaving from Palo Alto (San Francisco).  After departing Palo Alto we will head up the California coast before heading across to Mt Shasta then over Klamath Falls and Crater Lake and on into Redmond, Oregon. Steve is interested in getting a Lancair Evolution, so the boys will be checking out the plane. I'm sure the girls will find something interesting do.

Canada here we come!!!!   We will spend 4 nights in Calgary, Alberta - the Centennial Calgary Stampede will be on. You will find me fulfilling a childhood dream of watching the Chuck wagon Races. There will be a day trip out to Banff and Lake Louise.

Departing Calgary we will fly over the Canadian Badlands and the Hoodoos near Drumheller then to Fort St John. This is a friendly town that we visited on the Canadian Rally in 2009. From there it is on to Fort Simpson via Nahanni National Park and the Virginia Falls.  Time for some  IFR (I Follow Rivers) flying up the Mighty Mackenzie River to Inuvik, NWT.  If you have watched Ice Road Truckers, you've seen Inuvik. We will take a day trip flying up to Tuktoyaktuk and dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean.

We now bid Canada goodbye for a week and head for Alaska. First stop - Fairbanks ( day trip to Denali NP and Mt McKinley) we get to fly over this on our way to Wasilla. Mike is hoping to arrange a meeting with it's most famous resident. Then it is on to the Kenai Peninsula and Seward for Glacier and Whale watching Tours/White water Rafting and all you can eat Salmon BBQ's (I can't wait for the salmon). 

The wilds of Canada call us again as we fly over the fjords of Prince William Sound and St Elias Icefields to Dawson City ( still The Wild West of Canada). Gold panning and Can Can girls await us. Whitehorse is our next stop. Then we are off down "The Trench" to Prince George and over "The Crown of the Continent" into Kalispell and Glacier National Park.  We would have got a glimpse of this area on our way to Canada -  time for a better look.

Idaho call us, the diversity of this State amazes me. Out of our port windows we will see the magnificent Teton Mountains and on the starboard side the St Anthony Sand Dunes. We will explore the Shoshone Ice Caves that are hiding under the lava fields ( Craters of the Moon ).   See Shoshone Falls (higher than Niagara Falls) and  Evel Knievel's Snake River Jump Monument in Twin Falls.

The Wild West is beckoning, so we are on our way to Kanab, Utah. This is an amazing little town  that has been the base for many a western movie. Within a 70 mile radius of Kanab you can see the following National Parks - Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  We will view the sunset at North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We are almost to the end of our adventure.

Our second last stop will be in Laughlin, Nevada. If you want to know what Vegas was like in the early days, Laughlin is the place to go to. Sitting on the mighty Colorado River, it has the casinos and live shows that made Vegas famous without the hustle and bustle. 

For our final stop we are trying for something special.  Negotiations are currently underway .  So you will have to be with us to find out what it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to San Francisco.

So there is the basic outline.  Until I find some more changes to make. If I am lucky Mike won't kill me  before we leave and I'll get to enjoy the fruits of our planning.


Blue Skies